I made a tough choice this morning. It really shouldn’t have been difficult, but it was. We were leaving for an international trip TODAY. I had a million things still to do (packing, final laundry, another blog post- yikes!, house cleaning, you know…). Plus, of course, I wanted to get […]

Hard choices that shouldn’t be hard: a tale of intentional ...

I took my own advice. When I teach classes and meet with clients to write their personal history, I encourage them to use times of change in their lives as a catalyst to reflect and write. For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), one of […]

The Power of Reflection and Writing: why you should reflect ...

It’s graduation season. Kindergarten graduation. High school graduation. College graduation. Over and over, I hear my friends- parents like me- echo the same refrain: Where did the time go? It went by too fast! I wish we would have done… [fill in the blank] Some time ago, I determined not […]

No regrets… create the intentional and fulfilling family life you ...

The last couple of years, as we have embarked on our entrepreneurial journey, we have become more intentional in all aspects of our lives, including parenting and family relationships. Quality family time has always been a priority for us, and frankly is one of the reasons we left the “9-5 […]

How we are being intentional in building the family life ...

Are you ever surprised when you look back and realize how you’ve completely shifted your mindset on something? Did you used to have a stronghold on one position and somehow, remarkably, over time did an “about-face?” That has happened with me, and, interestingly, it’s because of my work with Legacy […]

Why I’m living deliberately by spending money and making memories ...

Motherhood with a 3 year old and 5 month old 1
In honor of Mother’s Day, I am sharing a tribute I wrote in 2007, inspired by the amazing young mothers surrounding me at that time. Visit us over at our Legacy Tale site to read the story and download this free printable poem. It just might work for that Mother’s […]

“She counts not the cost of nights without sleep and ...

  We’ve recently learned through personal experience that if you rely only on photos and photo books, you can lose a lot of the memories and emotion from your stories. Hilarie occasionally guest blogs on savefamilyphotos.com, and her latest article was just published. In it, she talks about this problem and what we […]

Photos only tell part of the story

I found a new blog I love: The Things I Love Most! This post is such a sweet reminder of what’s truly important. Ironically, I found and read this post early one morning with my sleeping 7-year-old snuggled up tight against me in bed; she had come in (again) sometime in the […]

Enjoy life- and your children- right now!

Hope is anything but wishful thinking. It is expectation based on experience. I read that in an article years ago and wish I knew whom to credit. I forgot the source long ago, but remembered the words. They mean a lot to me. The way I interpret it, I can […]

Not wishful thinking- how and why we should have hope

Remember the Alamo! We will. We absolutely will. It was a solemn, almost sacred experience, made more so by our study that helped us feel personally connected to real characters who fought and died… and to a mother and baby who lived. “I can’t believe we’re on an airplane!” We […]

Remember the Alamo!