The Power of Reflection and Writing: why you should reflect on life and how writing your personal history can change your attitude and your actions

I took my own advice. When I teach classes and meet with clients to write their personal history, I encourage them to use times of change in their lives as a catalyst to reflect and write.

For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), one of those times of change is a transition in our roles and responsibilities for church service. We each have a “calling,” a voluntary job or role to fill to serve and teach others and help our congregation run smoothly. Those callings change after a time, based on revelation to church leadership. Because of the opportunities and responsibilities involved in callings, we have experiences through them that help us learn and grow.

So… when we are asked to fill a different calling, and a new person takes on our previous one, this time of change is ideal for reflection and writing as part of your personal history. I found that to be true as I took my own advice and thought about my most recent calling change.

Until November, I had served as the music director for all the children. Every Sunday, I taught them sweet songs about the Savior and other eternal principles while trying to keep them engaged and actively learning. When I received this calling three years ago, I was quite apprehensive, both about my level of musical ability and my aptitude for teaching young children. Yet as I fulfilled that calling every Sunday for three years, I learned a lot… about music leading and conducting, classroom management, teaching and engaging children ages 3-12. I grew to love the children, the music and my calling.

Can you name songs that have the word Ice Cream in it? We tried ...

Then in November I was really dismayed to be asked to serve as director of the congregational choir. Teaching music to children was one thing- but conducting a choir with four (or sometimes six!) different singing parts, choosing, teaching and directing difficult pieces of music– yikes!!

Way outside of my abilities and comfort zone.

It still is definitely beyond my abilities, and a continual struggle. I had been working at it while also chafing against it… until I remembered I should reflect on this calling change, as I counsel others to do.

And guess what? That reflection process really made a difference in my attitude.. and will affect my actions going forward.

I recognized that- for some reason- the Lord must want me to expand my musical knowledge and capacity. He started my journey with the children, where I could learn the basics and love the music. But apparently that did not take my learning far enough. I need to learn more- much more- and He’s given me the opportunity to do that by asking me to direct the choir.

It is definitely hard, and there are many people much-better-qualified to take this role. So, it’s very humbling for me. But for a reason I don’t yet understand, I need to grow in this area.

Recognizing that makes a difference. It’s still hard, but now I see it as an opportunity to learn and practice something that the Lord sees as important for my growth and progression. He wants me to develop a musical talent and has given me challenges to facilitate that learning. So I will go forward with a better attitude and try to embrace this chance to learn.

This is why I love personal history work. As we reflect and write, we learn about ourselves. It can change our actions and attitudes here and now, helping us chart a better course for the future and take advantage of opportunities that otherwise would go unrecognized.

Make the time to reflect, and write, and grow. Don’t leave your tale untold…


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No regrets… create the intentional and fulfilling family life you want!

It’s graduation season. Kindergarten graduation. High school graduation. College graduation.

Over and over, I hear my friends- parents like me- echo the same refrain:

Where did the time go?

It went by too fast!

I wish we would have done… [fill in the blank]

Some time ago, I determined not to have those regrets. I’m far enough along in the motherhood journey to know I will mess up (again and again!) and I won’t ever be able to accomplish all that I would like. But I CAN make sure I don’t stand idly by and let the years slip away. I can and will be


and deliberate

and conscious

and strategic

about parenting and family life.

I can plan with my family to prioritize those experiences, activities, and relationships that are most important. And I can take action on those priorities. I won’t wait for more time or money or whatever seems to stand in my way. I’m determined.

I’m determined that I won’t have those regrets of letting time slip by without making strategic use of every year.

That’s why we recently held a family planning retreat.

And why I’m so excited to offer tools and resources for Intentional Family Life here at House upon a Rock with my sister, Holly.

We have so much we’re working on and will be sharing in the coming weeks.

Look around the site for tools to begin your intentional family life today, and stay tuned for more!

Enjoy life- and your children- right now!

I found a new blog I love: The Things I Love Most!

This post is such a sweet reminder of what’s truly important.

Enjoy Life With Your Children - "The Last Time" Printable

Ironically, I found and read this post early one morning with my sleeping 7-year-old snuggled up tight against me in bed; she had come in (again) sometime in the night. Pain was shooting through my arm from another night of holding her tight.

When the interrupted sleep gets “old,” I try to remember these days are numbered and enjoy the cuddles! Someday I may not miss the sleepless nights of motherhood, but I absolutely will miss the thrill of small arms holding me tight, coming to me for security and love.

How do you choose to enjoy life now? What do you do- in the midst of motherhood or other challenges- to remember to savor the moments and find joy?

I’d love to hear your ideas and experiences!

A journey begins with a single step… take action on your dreams!

Turns out 2015 is a landmark year for us.

We’ve made a few changes in our family in the last year… okay, actually, some pretty major changes. Along the way, we’ve been inspired and guided in our decisions. While the reasons for our choices are clear to us, they aren’t necessarily transparent to our family members or friends. (Truthfully, it looks quite opaRobison family journeyque to them… some people even think we’re crazy. :))

And while they have every right to question our sanity, we feel confident in our chosen path because, “what greater witness can you have than from God?” Nevertheless, someday, we and/or our children may need to be reminded why we chose to do what we did in 2015. To that end (and in the spirit of capturing our personal history), we decided to document the moments of inspiration that changed the trajectory for us here at House Upon a Rock.

There is no doubt in my mind– and how grateful I am!!– that we can and do receive personal inspiration through the Holy Ghost. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of me and directs our family as we strive to do what’s right.