Missing the Reindeer Run (December 2015)

So I saw the article in our local paper about our elementary school’s annual Reindeer Run. And I got teary-eyed. Silly, I know.

Ryan won the Reindeer Run last year. He took 2nd place the year before. It’s just a fun foot race held at Christmastime. And I wished my kids Reindeer Run champion 2013 and 2014could have participated.

Yes, I miss the Reindeer Run. Yes, I miss class parties and fun traditions at school. And, yes, sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision to educate my children at home.

And then I remember all the amazing spiritual and academic growth I see in them. And I remember that they were too tired and worn out after all the school-required to dos, for us to have quality experiences together daily. And I remember that the work we are doing at House Upon a Rock is of eternal consequence and value.

Those experiences at school are fun. But they aren’t of greatest import. So I remember good, better, best, wipe my tears and soldier on.

We are- and try to be- House Upon a Rock.

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