No regrets… create the intentional and fulfilling family life you want!

It’s graduation season. Kindergarten graduation. High school graduation. College graduation.

Over and over, I hear my friends- parents like me- echo the same refrain:

Where did the time go?

It went by too fast!

I wish we would have done… [fill in the blank]

Some time ago, I determined not to have those regrets. I’m far enough along in the motherhood journey to know I will mess up (again and again!) and I won’t ever be able to accomplish all that I would like. But I CAN make sure I don’t stand idly by and let the years slip away. I can and will be


and deliberate

and conscious

and strategic

about parenting and family life.

I can plan with my family to prioritize those experiences, activities, and relationships that are most important. And I can take action on those priorities. I won’t wait for more time or money or whatever seems to stand in my way. I’m determined.

I’m determined that I won’t have those regrets of letting time slip by without making strategic use of every year.

That’s why we recently held a family planning retreat.

And why I’m so excited to offer tools and resources for Intentional Family Life here at House upon a Rock with my sister, Holly.

We have so much we’re working on and will be sharing in the coming weeks.

Look around the site for tools to begin your intentional family life today, and stay tuned for more!

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