The Ginger Story Once upon a time there was a dog (puppy). She had a mother who was a gingery-colored cat and her father was a very scruffy dog, who was white. She may have been wild; she may have had brothers and/or sisters; nobody knows! But, whether she was […]

The Ginger Story

To the High king on high, A Lord who is better than I. No, no, much better than all; the King of all kings Sits up on high, helping all humans such as you and I. By: Ryan Robison (age 10) December 14, 2015

THANKS (acrostic poem)

I just finished the syllabus for January 2016- whew!! It’s always such a relief to get that ready for our next session of school. I plan one month at a time, doing a separate syllabus for my 7-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. When I first started almost a year ago, […]

2016- and Texas- here we come!

Seriously. I never knew we were that couple… or that we ever could be. That couple that could work at home together… and spend every minute together… complement each others’ abilities… and actually enjoy each other. For many years, we were the couple barely hanging on. We were the “why […]

I never knew we were THAT couple. Tips and hope ...

I do love the Frozen song, “Let It Go,” and by the way, Rebecca does a pretty amazing version. But no, that’s not what this is about. At least, not directly. I am learning to let go. It’s hard. When we made the decision to educate our children at home, […]

Letting go…

From those beautiful February days of planting, we did have some production at Sunnybrook Farm. Ryan was a terrific steward over his precious pepper plants and harvested a horde of jalapenos! We turned them into jalapeno poppers, dip, soup, and froze them to use all year.         […]

Sunnybrook Farm produces (Summer and Fall 2015)

So I saw the article in our local paper about our elementary school’s annual Reindeer Run. And I got teary-eyed. Silly, I know. Ryan won the Reindeer Run last year. He took 2nd place the year before. It’s just a fun foot race held at Christmastime. And I wished my kids […]

Missing the Reindeer Run (December 2015)

I am an entomologist and this is what I do. I study bugs and insects, and you can do it, too. I am an entomologist and this is what I know. If you catch a spider, you have to let it go!       It’s an insect, not a spider! […]

I am an entomologist (June 2015)

We held our first Hero Night at House Upon a Rock in February 2015. As we learn about great men and women, I ask my children to choose noble examples as their heroes, and determine how the lessons of their lives can be applied to our own. They research, write a […]

Hero Night at House Upon a Rock 2015

House Upon a Rock is built on… well… rocks. Quite literally. So while we have 4+acres, it’s not worth much for growing things. However, our dear neighbors just down the road were smart enough to choose farmland instead of a rock quarry. And they are so good to us that […]

School at Sunnybrook Farm (February 2015)