Bonus 3: For Latter-Day Saints

Questions specific to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (modify or bypass depending on your spiritual/religious life experiences)

  1. Write your testimony and gratitude for the Savior’s life and teachings.
  2. Write your testimony and gratitude for the Savior’s atonement and redeeming power.
  3. If you are a convert, write your conversion story. If you’re not a convert, write your conversion story! When and how did you gain a testimony (even if it has been over the course of a lifetime!)? What people and experiences have been significant in building your testimony?
  4. Bear your testimony to future generations.
  5. Share a story about a prayer that was answered.
  6. Write your current feelings about the temple. What do you recall about your first temple experience?
  7. Write at least three of your favorite scriptures and what they mean to you.
  8. What is written in the margins of your scriptures? Find a few of your favorites, record the passage and what you wrote about it.
  9. Share and/or discuss your patriarchal blessing. How has it made a difference in your life?  How have you seen it being fulfilled?
  10. Did you serve a full-time mission?
    • When and where?
    • Who was your mission president? If you kept a missionary journal, review it to find and record key passages. If not, write what you can remember.
    • Tell about:
      • spiritual experiences and miracles
      • the people and areas you served
      • companions
      • lessons learned
    • Especially if you served in a foreign country, write vivid descriptions of towns and people, clothing, food, and weather.
    • Remember how you felt physically and spiritually, and transmit that to paper.
    • Did you bring home any special souvenirs? Write about them and include a picture.
  11. If you served as a senior missionary couple, write your experiences specific to that time (in addition to the above questions).
    • How and/or why did you make the decision to serve? What concerns or challenges were involved?
    • How did your service as companions affect your relationship with your spouse?
    • What was your role as a missionary? What responsibilities and service opportunities did you have?
    • What did you learn about yourself, your spouse, and others?
    • Write about blessings you received because of your service.
    • Write about blessings to your family members while you were away.
  12. Write your thoughts and memories of Family Home Evening in your home. Record at least one specific memory of a particular FHE experience.
  13. Tell about callings in which you have served. Which are your favorite or most meaningful?  What lessons have you learned and how did the Lord guide you? Write at least one specific memory related to a church calling or service.
  14. Record at least two memories of receiving service. Who served you? What did they do? How did you feel?
  15. Record at least two memories of giving service outside your family. Whom did you serve?  What did you do for them and why? How did you feel?
  16. Write about a time that you received personal inspiration. Were you seeking it or was it unexpected? What were the circumstances and setting? How did the inspiration come? Did you act on it? What was the outcome? How did this affect you or your loved ones?
  17. Think about memorable priesthood blessings you have received or given. Write your feelings.
  18. Write your testimony and gratitude for Joseph Smith, the restoration, and living prophets.
  19. Share your feelings about, and experiences with, General Conference. Think about a time you received direction or answers, and talks that have been meaningful in your life.