Bonus 1: Holidays and Special Occasions

This module has additional themed writing prompts for each month, as well as writing prompts for months with birthdays and anniversaries.



Reflect on the last year. Consider your blessings, challenges, trials and lessons learned. Write about them. How have you seen God’s hand in your life and the lives of your loved ones?


Write about your approach to goal setting. What are some major goals you set and accomplished in your life? What advice do you have for posterity about setting and achieving goals?



At Valentine’s Day, write your love story. How did you meet your spouse? Write about your courtship and feelings. When did you know you were in love? Tell about your proposal and engagement.



At Easter, tell what springtime holidays or traditions you celebrated as a child. Did you hunt for Easter eggs, plant a garden, enjoy wildflowers… or?




At Mother’s Day, write your memories and gratitude for your mother and/or the mother of your children. If you are a mother, write your own thoughts on motherhood.



At Father’s Day write your memories and gratitude for your father and/or the father of your children. If you are a father, write your own thoughts on fatherhood.



Family reunions. Reflect on the impact of your extended family over the years. Write a few favorite memories of family reunions. Share your thoughts and feelings about your heritage and the legacy you inherited.


Write your feelings for your country. How important is citizenship and patriotism to you? How have you participated in and/or celebrated your community or country?



Family vacations. Recall family vacations over the years, when you were a child and with the family you built. Share favorite memories of family trips or outings, including details of people, places, and activities.



School and childhood days. Remember childhood days of long ago. Do you recall your first day of school? What were your favorite activities? Tell about your school days and early memories.



Think of fall traditions, rituals and holidays. Do you play in the leaves, or just rake and bag them? Did you celebrate Halloween as a child or with your children? Write favorite memories of food, people, costumes, and fall weather.



For Thanksgiving, write about the role of gratitude and service in your life.



At this season, share family traditions related to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holidays. What are favorite holiday memories from the distant or recent past?



Birthday and anniversary months:

  • Anniversary dates: Write your feelings for your spouse.
  • Birthdays: On yours, write the things for which you are grateful. Tell lessons learned over your lifetime. On a family member’s birthday, write of your love and gratitude for them. Tell about their traits you appreciate.