The Ginger Story

IMG_20150320_195239151The Ginger Story

Once upon a time there was a dog (puppy). She had a mother who was a gingery-colored cat and her father was a very scruffy dog, who was white. She may have been wild; she may have had brothers and/or sisters; nobody knows! But, whether she was wild or not, somebody must have not been taking good care of her, because one day she showed up at someone’s house. AND THAT HOUSE JUST HAPPENED TO BE MY HOUSE!!

But she showed up at just the right house, because this family loved dogs. Me and my brother were homeschooled. We were just coming out for the Pledge of Allegiance. When we came out, a little, scruffy, happy-to-have-someone-around, ginger-striped on the back dog came right to us.

My Mom told Ryan to lift her up to see if she was a boy or a girl. She was a girl. After the Pledge we went inside, and we heard the little puppy crying out there. And we cried ourselves.

My Mom said we could give her some food and water. It was hard to leave the pup again. That  night when my dad came home from work, we talked about this dog and searched for the owner. We looked for a few days.

The rest of the week, me and Ryan did almost all of our schoolIMG_20150324_120550029work outside so we could be by the pup. Three days after, we took the dog to the vet to see if they knew the owner or if she was chipped. They didn’t and she wasn’t.

Guess what that meant!? It meant we got to keep her! We named her Ginger.


Based on a truIMG_20150322_122525307e story.

By Rebecca Robison (age 7)

2015 December 26-27